PrepPro ELW

Everyday Light Weight Self Leveling Underlayment


PrepPro Everyday Light Weight (ELW) self-leveling underlayment (SLU) is a premium fast
drying, calcium aluminate cementitious underlayment that reduces the dead weight load of
traditional SLU’s by about 35% all while delivering compressive strengths > 3500 psi! PrepPro ELW is suitable for use in most flooring applications without the costly and time consuming need to cap with a stronger product prior to installing finished flooring.

PrepPro ELW is used for leveling and smoothing of floors for tile, stone, resilient, wood, carpet and other floor coverings. PrepPro ELW seeks its own level providing excellent working time and is able to receive breathable flooring finishes as early as 4 hours after application, non-breathable at 16 hours. PrepPro ELW is suitable for foot traffic after 3 hours, and light trade traffic next day.

PrepPro ELW sets the standard for sustainability in this segment:
- ELW utilizes a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content
- ELW contains a much lower percentage of crystalline silica than typical SLU’s
- ELW provides reduced structural dead loads.
- PrepPro ELW makes flooring work lighter every day with a 33 pound bag providing the same yield as a traditional 50 pound bag!

  • Reduced dead load – Every day.
  • Lighter lifting - Every day.
  • Suitable for floorcovering – Every day.
  • Superior Sustainability – Every day.
  • Low-Surface Prep – Every day; “Clean,
    Prime, Pour.”
  • Suitable for finished flooring every day,
    including tile (ceramic, mosaic, quarry, glass, porcelain, natural stone), vinyl, LVT, rubber, carpet, engineered wood & more.
  • Supports Fast Track installation, finished flooring may be installed as quickly as 4 hours. *
  • Exceeds TCNA requirements for installation of ceramic tiles.
  • Exceptional volume stability provides relief from cracking and bond failure.
  • PrepPro ELW can be used from feather
    edge up to 2” in depth neat.

(well bonded, clean, dry, sound and stable)

  • Absorbent and non-absorbent interior concrete
  • Properly prepared Gypsum-based underlayment (> 3000 psi)
  • Exterior grade plywood
  • Well Scraped adhesive residue(Excludes PSA and re-emulsifiable adhesive)
  • ASTM F3010 Epoxy Moisture Membranes
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