PrepPro Rapid Concrete (RC)

PrepPro Rapid Concrete (RC) is a high-performance screed mortar engineered for fast track interior and exterior applications that require rapid drying, exceptional bond and durability. PrepPro RC may be conveniently mixed in mortar mixers, extended 50% with aggregate and holds slopes well for ramping applications including resloping of exterior concrete such balconies.

PrepPro RC provides a smooth, durable surface for the installation of a variety of finishes such as vinyl, carpet, engineered wood, tile, underlayment, micro toppings, epoxy and more as quickly as 12–16 hours. 

PrepPro RC requires only the addition of water and mixes to a high slump consistency that is troweled with minimal effort to smooth imperfections in a variety of substrates. PrepPro RC uses exceptionally low water, providing a durable, low porosity concrete.

  • Engineered for: easy placement and significantly reduced application effort, drying and maximum durability.
  • Suitable for interior/exterior installations from 3/8” – 6”*
  • Suitable for substrate repairs prior to application of epoxy moisture vapor remediation coatings after 12-16 hours of cure.
  • Suitable as substrate for finishes such as vinyl, carpet, engineered wood, tile, epoxy, urethane, micro-toppings, overlays and more as early as 12-16 hours after placement.
  • Bonds to most substrates without primer or need of additive
  • Supports points on LEED® Certified projects

*For depths beyond 2” in unconfined areas extend material 50% by weight with ¼ - 3/8” pea gravel.

Well bonded, clean, dry, sound and stable interior/exterior substrates including;

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Wood
  • Ceramic tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Properly prepared residue of cutback and non water soluble adhesive
  • Epoxy moisture vapor membranes (free from amine blush)
PrepPro Rapid Concrete (RC)
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