Platform EMS

Advanced Epoxy Resin Moisture Mitigation Solution

  • 100% solids BA and NP free epoxy
  • One coat, low viscosity application
  • Low VOC and low odor
  • Advanced epoxy resin system addresses vulnerability to osmotic blistering
  • Compliant with ASTM F3010-13; Permeability less than 0.1 perm at 12 mils in dry film thickness (DFT)

5 Critical Performance Benefits:

  • Meet/exceed ASTM F3010
  • No degradation when exposed to high pH
  • Suitable for 100% RH/unaffected by seasonal variability
  • Warranty carries through to the finished floor surfaces
  • Utilize epoxy products that do not contain Benzyl Alcohol/Nonylphenols
  • An effective barrier against migration of alkalinity from concrete to flooring adhesives
  • Low viscosity system for easy installation
  • Pre-measured containers reduce installation time by eliminating the need to measure

Clean, sound, stable, dry and properly prepared structural concrete with a CSP of 3