Platform L2

Self-leveling underlayment designed to facilitate flat floors and hold slope

  • Hydraulic cement underlayment powered by portland cement based Synthecem technology
  • Low surface preparation
  • Install 1/4″ to 2+″ NEAT (in isolated areas, in a single lift)
  • Foot traffic in 3-4 hours
  • Reduced dust
  • Suitable for light trade traffic
  • Slope from 1″ to feather over 5 ft
  • Smooth, flat and hard surface suitable for vinyl, LVT, carpet, engineered wood, ceramic and more

(well bonded, clean, dry, sound and stable)

  • Concrete, concrete plank
  • Existing patching and leveling materials
  • Sound gypsum
  • Steel pan
  • Cement or epoxy terrazzo
  • Well bonded existing flooring such as VCT, ceramic tile
  • Qualified adhesive residue (non soluble, non PSA)